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Tampa Bay is a year around fishery. In the warmer months we are also a 24 hour a day fishery. I offer multiple types and durations of fishing trip for many different species. 


HALF DAY (4-5 Hours) $500
These trips can be run at different times of the day for multiple different species such as Redfish, Snook, Trout and more. These trips are popular in the winter months. 

FULL DAY (6-7 Hours) $700
These trips can be utilized any time of the year. Summer a full day trip is a great way to start the day early morning fishing dock lights while having enough time to fish sun up and getting off the water before the temperatures are too hot.

Night trips are insanely fun, entertaining and visual. We are lucky in Tampa Bay to have local canals loaded with dock lights which attract tons of Snook, Trout, Tarpon, Redfish and more. These trips are some of the most popular due to the amount of fish that are obtainable and the ability to get closer to the fish compared to day time trips.

TARPON TRIPS (8+ Hours) $800
These trips are run in the summer months April-August. Tampa Bay has an amazing Tarpon fishery with some of the biggest fish in the state swimming our beaches during their migration. Tarpon trips aren't for beginning fly anglers, they are long, grueling days and you have to make the most of every opportunity. But when it all comes together and you hook up to a Silver King, that's why this is a fly guides busiest time of year. 

Please Email ( or Call (813) 356-8324 if you have any questions.

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