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The Art of Shredding

As some of you may or may not know, I used to be a skateboarder. I started at the age of 11, by the time I was 15, I came to the harsh realization that I was far from good, I was pretty much scared of doing anything beyond flat ground, and I simply stopped skating. But my love and admiration for the sport never left. From reading Thrasher and Transworld (rip) to watching newly released skate videos I was still into it.

Fast forward years later to 2019 and what this post is actually about, Keenan Perren.

I first met Keenan at a Compound Boardshop silent auction benefiting #captainsforcleanwater. The auction was art based, all kinds of art from paintings to books to beautiful blown up pictures printed on metal and much more. There were a couple pieces that stood out, a Tarpon and a Turtle. But they weren't paintings and they weren't drawings and honestly I had no idea what they were made out of..

After the auction was over, both of the pieces sold and were going to new homes to be put on walls to be shown off. I needed more info on these amazing looking pieces of art on saw on the wall. I began talking with Keenan, and he relayed to me that he makes all of his art out of old used or broken skateboard decks. I was blown away, I would have never guessed this turtle and this tarpon were made from old skateboards. He told me he uses broken boards he has or his friend have given him, cuts them, sands them and pieces them together to make these incredible works of art.

After talking to Keenan for a little while after the event I was thoroughly impressed. Not just by his art, but by him as a person. Here is this guy, a badass skater who really has very little experience with fishing. Making these incredible fish out of skateboards and then donating his hard work to an auction benefiting an organization he knows little about just because he wants to help.

I got his contact info and got back in touch with him a short time after because I wanted to commission him for a piece for my fly tying room. He was more than happy to make me something. I pretty much gave him free reign to make whatever he wanted, and what he made out of old broken boards was amazing.

Keenans art brings together two things I've always loved and been intrigued by, skateboarding and fishing. Even if you know nothing about skating, or nothing about fishing Keenan can bring to life basically anything you want out of an otherwise thrown away or discarded old skateboard deck. You can check him out on Instagram @ayekeenbean to see more of his work. If you would like a commissioned piece please contact him through Instagram or his email He is more than welcoming to any idea you may have, and I promise you won't be disappointed. Keenan is an example of what is right in the world and I happy to know him and help support him in this path.

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