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July Fly Tide Challenge

This months challenge is the Backwater Muddler. Here are your step by step directions and the recipe. Do your best to stay as close to the pattern and materials as possible. Post it on Instagram tagging @captdustinpack with the hashtag #flytidechallenge and tag a friend to also tie the fly. One winner will be randomly selected on Sunday July 26th at 8pm that will win a Fly Tide Charters bundle including a Captains for Clean Water Hat, Fly Tide Charters Patches and a sticker bundle. Good Luck

1/0 Gamakatsu SC15

White or Tan 210 Denier Thread

Small or Medium black bead chain

White Marabou

Tan Marabou

Coyote or Deer Hair

1" Tan Tarantula or Foxy Brush

Start thread in middle of the hook shank working back towards the bend. Ending up at the point of the hook.

Add in a good chunk of Marabou. It will look big, but remember Marabou slims down a lot once it gets wet.

Tie in one strand of Tan Marabou and palmer forward.

Tie in your bead chain, this can actually be done at the beginning of the fly if desired.

Tie in your Coyote collar. To get an even balance I like to tie in a section on the top of the hook shank first, then flip the fly and tie in the bottom section.

Tie in your Tarantula (or foxy brush) just in front of your Coyote and palmer forward just behind the bead chain. Remember to crowd the bead chain so there's no gap between the bead chain and material.

Brush out your Tarantula brush and trim to desired size. You're all done

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